Fascinating true crime story

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Elon Green does an amazing job of meticulously researching and highlighting the details that bring each victim to life. Having the historical perspective of what was happening at the time really adds to the storyline, as well as, the maps of the victim locations. Overall, this book was really well done.

If you are a fan of True Crime books, you will be captivated by this one. So many gruesome details but also fascinating material. It is always hard to say you enjoyed books like this, knowing that all the victims were real people, that met a very tragic end to their lives. Elon Green brings so many details to the story that you feel like you get to know the individuals by learning the details of their murders.

I think the author did a good job honoring these victims, by bringing their stories to light in a respectful way, but with additional background information that helps us understand how these murders could go unsolved for years.