Engaging True Crime

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Last Call is a true crime story of a string of murders in the New York area in the 80s/90s. Dismembered bodies of gay men start appearing in roadside trashcans around the Tri-State area, and authorities begin to suspect they have a serial killer on their hands. We follow the investigation through roadblocks of a lack of technology and biases against the victims' sexuality amidst the AIDS epidemic before we finally discover the truth.

Although I love thrillers, this is my first time picking up a true-crime novel and I will definitely be back for more! The author is able to pack a lot of details about people and locations into a story that reads like fiction before heartbreakingly reminding you how real it was. This was also incredibly well-researched! The author explains that he spent over three years interviewing and investigating these crimes to be able to present a thorough retelling and it really shows.

The only small con I have is that at times the text went into deep tangential information that was slightly distracting form the main story and a confusing for the reader. There also were lots of names with entire backgrounds introduced very quickly so I found myself having to go back to sort out who's who frequently.

Overall a great read I would highly recommend everyone to check out.