A true crime novel about the lgbtq community

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This book was so immersive that’s where I’m going to start, because I’m not sure where else to start. This wasn’t an easy read; this isn’t a book I’ll reread over and over again, because it was very real, and it was very heartbreaking. at times I had to take breaks and convince myself that it’s over; while knowing in the real world it isn’t completely over and may never be.

This is a true crime story that starts out at the very beginning of a string of murders that happen to the LGBTQ+ community. It was heart wrenching, but it was fact filled.

I have to definitely give this book so many props as it was very well thought out and beautifully researched. The author did an incredible job on such a hard topic to dive into.

You will need to step back for this book. You’ll need breaks. Personally it wasn’t a book I could sit through in one reading and I love true crime. It hits home.