My son loved it

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My son is a huge StarWars fan, so when I saw this on Bookishfirst I knew it would be something he'd enjoy. Being in middle school, he typically swears off reading - but this one captured his attention. He said he really enjoyed seeing more of Lando and not just what the movies offered, which is very little. Lando is not often considered a main character, but I have always felt that his character was important to the story.
With the more recent movie on Hans Solo, I am glad to see that there is a book out there specifically for Lando himself. Often hated, he's funny and witty and according to my son, that translates into this book as well.
Great job on capturing the attention of a teenager! He has shared this book with many others from school, so I know it's a big hit

I plan to read this also, if he will ever let me get my hands on it. Hopefully others enjoyed it as much as he did.