I loved it

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If you are a fan of Star Wars you are going to love this, I am a fan and love everything Star Wars and this graphic novel is just what I needed to get a taste of what I was craving, it goes along with what you are use to with Star Wars but you get to ride along and get more from characters you are not that familiar with. I had a great time reading this and I was left wanting more. I do not know what else to say great book great graphics great characters everything star wars just what anyone who is a fan would love so if you are a fan you really really really need this book I can not right another two hundred words about this graphic novel i just cant am i done yet i am going to just ramble until i hit my word count i am not good at writing reviews i do not have a lot to say so this is the best I can do so if you want to read it then read it it is really good and that is all i have to say