Great for elementary-aged Star Wars fans!

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This Star Wars adventure featuring Lando Calrissian will be perfect for Star Wars fans in elementary school who are looking to jump further into a galaxy far, far away. The writing is appropriate for those reading levels, as well as is the content and language. Additionally, the tone and voice of Lando is consistent with the character fans have gotten to know through the movies, animated works, and other books. It's also fun to see his beloved droid reappear for more adventures.

For young readers who are not familiar with Star Wars, they may struggle with the plot as the writing assumes a bit of familiarity with the characters and events of the larger Star Wars universe. But, having said that, even a more general knowledge of Star Wars will likely serve a young reader well with this type of book - they don't need to be an expert on the saga.

Any young readers looking to have further adventures with fun characters in the Star Wars universe will surely love to read about Lando in this story!