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Young Princess Rinetta stows away on Lando's ship with intent to convince Lando deliver the Solstice Globe to it's home planet despite her mother's orders to bring it elsewhere. Will Lando defy the Queen's orders and listen to Princess Rinetta? Or will he come up with his own clever plan?

This middle grade Star Wars book is great for fans and those new to the franchise. The story is true to Lando's character (cheating, clever, and resourceful) and is a great introduction to both Lando and the Star Wars universe for young readers. The story is action-packed but easy to follow AND there's humor! L3 is definitely one of my favorite characters and I was glad to see more of her.

The cover is appealing and features Lando with the Millennium Falcon and L3 in the background. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the book was in hardback.