Another Fun Star Wars Book For The Collection

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I think Justina Ireland did a great job capturing Lando's personality in the small tidbit I was able to read. In the chapter I read, it was spunky and fun, though in all reality not a lot was going on, it was just a simple Sabacc game with airs of something more.

I really enjoyed the hints of something bigger about to happen, and even though I don't particularly enjoy Middle-Grade novels, for I find they typically talk down to the reader as if they are too dumb to understand what's going on, this book didn't feel like that too me, this felt more like the writing style was more YA, but the contents, at least of what I was able to read, was fairly Middle-Grade.

All in all, I highly enjoyed what I read, and I would like to read more of what hints to be a fun packed story.