A fun ride

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I really enjoyed this middle grade book about Lando Calrissian. This was my first book by Justina Ireland. I'm not a *huge* Star Wars fan (that would be my husband) but I dabble. I dabble more in the kid-range things than the adult stuff. haha. I read this book in one sitting which is no huge accomplishment because it's only 168 pages. But it was also a really fun book! Lando thinks luck has nothing to do with anything until his luck literally runs out. He's caught smuggling and then is used for his ship by a clever 13-year-old princess with a heart of gold. Rinetta is princess of Hynestia and she finds out her mother is keeping a priceless life-giving artifact as payment to the Empire but her tutor, a Lynna, lives in the planet where this artifact was taken from and the planet and its people are dying. Turns out Lando, and his trusty first mate, L3-37 might have a bit of gold in his own heart. Can't wait to read more!