A Exciting Lando Adventure

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This is the first of the Flight of the Falcon books, and it is a fun, quick read. When a bounty hunter is hired to acquire the Millennium Falcon, she has to find it first. It also helps to have an idea of what the ship is capable of doing. To that end, Bazine, the bounty hunter, seeks out a woman with a story about the famous ship. She pays for the story and hears the tale of a princess that happened to meet Lando and L3-37 at a time when the Falcon was in their possession.

This is an exciting adventure. Star Wars fans get to learn about a few new planets in the galaxy as Lando’s adventure unfolds. There are chases, escapes, fire fights, and a little political intrigue plus enough scoundrel antics to satisfy any fan.

This is a well written story and a good way to pass a few hours in the Star Wars universe. My eleven year old and I both enjoyed this one.