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A Blast of a Middle-Grade Romp

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Off the heels of Solo, a Lando Calrissian tie-in book is a no-brainer for Disney, and I think they picked exactly the right person to tell the tale in Justina Ireland. Lando's Luck is exactly what you would want in a middle-grade Star Wars book. It's got adventure, planet-hopping, firefights, whimsically imaginative elements, and an absolutely charming cast.

While Lando is the titular character, the real scene-stealer is the secondary main character, a clever young princess named Rinetta who goes toe-to-toe with Lando over the fate of her friend and mentor's home planet. The two team up with and face off against a wide assortment of characters, and their plots and escapes are well complemented by periodic illustrations that bring the scenery to life. For a fairly quick read at only 92 pages, the book works in a surprising number of plots, hijinks, and daring escapes. It's a fun read for adults with or without much background in the Star Wars universe, and it's sure to thrill young readers.