Make This a Priority Read in 2021

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Thank you Te-Ping Chen for your amazing stories and writing! I love how Chen blended in Mandarin words and phrases to the stories. While all the stories were great my favorites were Lulu, Hotline Girl, New Fruit, and Beautiful Country. I loved Lulu and her twin brother's relationship and how her protests sadly alter her family's life forever. New fruit was interesting because it was both thrilling and had a touch of mysticism. Could eating fruit truly have made people do those things. In Hotline Girl, I like how in the end she is thinking about her independence from a difficult person/past. "It was good, she thought, to be young, to have the weekend, to be free." In Beautiful Country, there was a mixture of emotions of the decay of a relationship and the experience of seeing the Grand Canyon. Land of Big Numbers should definitely be on your reading list for 2021! 5 stars.