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The first thing that caught my eyes with a Land of Big Numbers was its cover! It’s so simple but so beautiful I couldn’t help but pick it up! If you don’t believe in cover buys then that is a lie! I devoured this book and honestly if I had the time I could of finished it in one sitting! You follow multiple characters throughout their stories and each one will grip you! This book consist of short stories about contemporary China. You get a glimpse of China cultures, history, and governments through the eyes of these characters. I loved how short and to the point these stories where. Sometimes I feel authors always leave you with a “but then what happened?” This book makes you think and realize things that are going on in the world that aren’t brought up as much. I can’t believe I haven’t heard of this author before and so happy I was able to get an early arc of this book! This book will be published on February 2nd and I highly suggest picking it up!