Beautifully written

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Amazingly descriptive book, it was a very fun read and I loved the constant shift between each story. This book was seemingly lighthearted at first, but the closer you read into the story, the deeper the meaning behind Te-Ping Chen's writings. The transitions from story to story were smooth and the characters were interesting. I felt as if I got to know and meet each character despite the story's each being short, the characters and their story live vividly in my imagination and I think they will for a long time. The cover of this book was very pretty, and the book as a whole was incredibly thought-provoking and captivating. I would love to read more of Te-Ping Chen's work. Some of the stories were stronger and more captivating than others but overall I thoroughly enjoyed the book as a whole. It truly left me wanting more! I hope you enjoy this read as well!