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As a person who usually doesn't go for historical books, I would say this book was interesting. Each short story was in it's own way very captivating. I did enjoy the well developed characters, the diversity, and just the overall aspect of the chinese life + government.

Being that this was one of the books I don't usually reach for, it was quite a slow process for me to fully dive into the characters, story, and the whole plot. As a YA reader I wouldn't necessarily put this on my "TBR" as those mostly consist of ya fantasy and contemporary books, but in general as a reader I would say this book is one of books that is good to pick up.

The diversity is a real stand out in this book which why I choose to read it, seeing as how we need to further diversify our shelfs. I think the land of big numbers is such a great example of Chinese life, especially since our characters struggle with life and on going government issues.