The curse revealed

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Violeta and her brother Arien are orphans. Arien was just a babe in arms the cold winter night they ran for their lives and met the Lord Under, the god of death and other dark things. The memory of that night was so traumatic, Violeta has suppressed it as well as she can. One Tithe Day, the day when all villagers pay their "rent" to the lord of their lands, the two come to the attention of their lord. Arien has magic and Rowan, Lord Sylvanan, needs that magic to break a curse his home and family are under.
This book is a gothic YA romance. Violeta and Rowen, of similar ages, are drawn to each other. Both have a connection to the Lord Under. Both have had meetings with the Dark Lord that changed the course of their lives. In Rowen's case, that resulted in a curse that now threatens to consume the entire planet, if Rowen can't come up with something, or someone, to cure it. The curse currently has become stronger than the curse maker intended. The curse maker can't cancel the curse alone and needs mortal help.
We get to watch Violeta fall on love with Rowan. We watch as she untwists her memories of the first time she met the Lord Under. We see what the curse has cost Rowan. We are set up for the next book in this duality, because the conclusion will be there. Like all good quest books, this one sets the goal and highlights the struggle to come, while being a rip roaring good story on it's own. I totally enjoyed reading this book, and I think you will too.
I received the copy of the book that I read for this review from BookishFirst.