Gothic Fantasy

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This is a gothic fantasy novel that follows the story of Violeta and her brother Arien. After forcefully moving to Lakesedge estate to live with Rowan, a monster rumored to have murdered his family, their lives change drastically. While Violeta struggles to determine the truth about Rowan, darker secrets emerge about the seemingly cursed estate with dark water in its lake and his real purpose in bringing them there.

I thought this book started off engaging! I enjoyed the overall plot and the numerous mysteries that the author set up for the readers as you went through it. It was also fun to read about the slow burn romance between Violeta and Rowan!

However, I struggled with the Violeta at points. To put it bluntly, her overprotective, obsessive nature was PRETTY annoying throughout the novel. In addition to this, the pacing of the story felt too slow at points. There were various descriptions and interactions that seemed a bit repetitive and unnecessary.

Overall, this book was worth the read but I don’t think I’m going to be picking it up again!