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When I saw that this book was compared to Naomi Novik and Brigid Kemmerer's books, I knew I had to read it as I'm a huge fan of both of their works. After reading Lakesedge, I can see why they were compared to the books by Novik and Kemmerer as the book had a similar gothic fantasy appeal to Novik's stories and the romance of Kemmerer's. It might help to know that Lakesedge is a Hades and Persephone retelling before going into the story. In Lakesedge, it is Violeta who falls in love with Rowan, who is bound to the Lord Under. And while there is a romantic love story here, Lakesedge also has a sibling story, which I thought was really compelling. It helped round out Violeta's character and endear her to me. As for the romance in the story, I found it to lean more toward insta-love, which isn't my favorite, but I also don't hate. Overall, I thought this book was a fun read with everything you would expect in a book of this genre.