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Listen, this is the perfect Gothic fantasy that you've been looking for. I know you're getting ready for fall and if you're trying to set the mood and constructing your fall tbr, this is a book you'll want to add to the list (if you haven't already).

Lakesedge revolves around Violeta, who lives in a small town with her younger brother after their parents pass away. After the Lord of the land, Rowan, who arrives to town collecting tithes, realizes that Violeta's little brother has power, he tries to recruit him for help at his estate, Lakesedge. And although they resist at first, they reluctantly go with Rowan to his estate where Violeta realizes that not everything is as it seems.

I liked Violeta. She was stubborn and headfast and fought to protect those dear to her. The girl goes through so much throughout the book and her journey is only just starting. She needs a vacation and not one at a curse infested estate.

This was exactly the type of book I was looking to read. August is over and therefore, it's spooky season (I don't make the rules). It was fun, it was spooky, it had a slow burn romance that had me tossing the book halfway across the room (metaphorically of course. No book was harmed during the process of reading!), and it was atmospheric and chilly.

I also really liked the lore in this book. There's the Lord Under, who only those who are dying or dead or have dealt with death, can see. There's a curse and a plague that threatens the land. And there's a cliffhanger that will leave you impatient for the next instalment (a duology!) Overall, this is the perfect fall read with a chilly atmosphere that will leave you wanting the next book.