I Will Never Emotionally Recover If I Don't Read The Full Book

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I don't know how anyone could have read that First Look and not wanted to read this book. I'm flabbergasted by how good that was.

First of all, the main character's brother in general? He's such an intriguing character to read about! Every so often, shadows seem to take over his body and he has to fight to not become possessed. I have no idea what is happening to him, but I am so incredibly interested in finding out. Is he truly tied to the Lord Under like their adoptive mother thinks he is? Or is something else at play here? Does it have anything to do with the Monster of Lakesedge?

Speaking of the Monster of Lakesedge... I barely know this man and I am already requesting his hand in marriage. Is that bad? He's supposed to be scary and "ooo he killed his family" (I doubt it), but then he gives the main character's brother a pair of gloves to hide the shadows on his palms? Is this a romance book? CAN it be a romance book? I need more of this man.

I'm going to go FERAL over this book.