Enthralling introduction

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First off, I love the beautiful embellishments on the pages!! Definitely adds to the gothic atmosphere that the word create.

There are so many things I love already about this story and so much that I am desperate to learn more about. The setting has that classic gloomy darkness that clearly holds secrets and magic. And for the action and initial conflict to be evident from the very beginning makes the progression of the story that much more enticing.

I appreciate that even though there are several characters introduced so quickly, there is enough differentiation between them to establish that they each have so much more to be discovered.

Mother - why is she so obsessive and ritualistic. What drives her to hurt them to "save" them?

Leta & Arien - What exactly happened when their parents died? Why do the shadows come from Arien and not Leta? What are the shadows?

Lord Sylvannas - Clearly teh shadows affect him as well. So again, what are the shadows? Why does Arien suffer for the shadows during the day for the first time when this guy is in town? Why is he the Monster of Lakesedge?

There is an undercurrent of magic and supernatural forces, and I am eager to read the book in its entirety to dive into all these questions and see what secrets will be revealed. I love gothic literature from Mary Shelley to Edgar Allen Poe; I'm excited to read the modern approach to the style.