Sweet Coming of Age Romance

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This was a pretty good queer coming of age romance, with an interesting and unique plot I haven’t seen before. I’ve heard really great things about the author’s previous books, and was excited to see where he would go with this third one. The book was pretty fast paced and I liked the integration of articles, texts, interviews, etc, as it added an interesting perspective for the reader. Although I liked the idea of the characters, there were quite a bit, so it was hard to keep them all straight at time on who was who. The main character was also pretty naive/annoying at times, but as others in the book called him out on it (and it seemed to be one of the main plots of the book), I can get past his sometimes unlike-ability. I really liked the concepts, and think that this would be perfect for teenagers to read (despite the more-mature parts at times). The ending was a bit rushed, and it felt like a lot of set-up for not as much pay off. The inclusivity (although wait there was literally 1 woman character, and 2 moms we got mayyyybe one line from), was really great, and the different topics explored in the novel added some pretty good depth. Overall, an enjoyable, but not necessarily life changing read.