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I love a book about a boy band and I was not disappointed with Kiss and Tell. Wow it was so good! It is about a boy band member, who has a scandal of released sexts with his ex-boyfriend and has to now navigate through it all in the public eye. Now he has to fake date/real date another boy band member he is on tour with, setting up dates for the paparazzi.

This had some topics that I had not seen discussed in novels that feature gay characters before - specifically some stereotypes that are within that world and what it really means and how hurtful assumptions can be. I thought it was a great book that shows there is not one way to be gay and no one can or should be put in a box (not even by a record label)!

I loved how the book had various pop culture things that helped tell the story (quizzes about the boy band, fan fiction, magazine interviews etc). That was really fun and helped make it seem like it was a real boy band I was reading about.