It was okay…

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So let me start off by saying I don’t think I’m the right audience to review this book. Yes, I mostly review YA books but I believe this book couldn’t be classified as that. First thing I noticed is that the language and wording is weird. For example “it sounds truly heinous, but it paid off, because Kaivan’s smile is luminous”(pg 27). For a book that is supposedly told by a teenage boy(who is supposedly two years old than yours truly) this sentence is completely out of place and makes no sense.( i write book reviews for peat sake and I don’t even know what “heinous” means.) it just seems like the author is really out of touch with the supposed “Gen Z” audience that he is writing to. In other times, it’s the opposite problem. The dialogue and the writing is too immature. There is no equal balance.

My other big issue with this book is sex is mentioned a lot. Some people may argue that YA and New adult books are defined by how detailed they are. This is where I disagree. This is a very mature issue and I don’t understand why it is brought up so often(like seriously almost every 3 to 4 pages). I don’t understand it at all. It’s also randomly inserted in places where it’s like “does it really need to be here?” Again no rhyme or reason for it. One of the things that defines the young adult genre is the lack of these heavy topics. I really don’t want a middle school to pick this up and read it(that is the market main, think about that)
There is also the glorification of Child predators(It is just bulldozed over but still), and I still can’t figure out the major conflict in this book. I’m guessing the main characters mental health strain? But that was solved in the last 3 chapters….

If you can look past all that, I suppose it was okay. The book was able to hold my attention so… I guess that’s good.