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Kiss & Tell is a young adult LGBTQ+ music novel that centers around Hunter Drake - one of five members of the band Kiss & Tell. They are doing a major tour to support their 2nd album, and Hunter - as the leading songwriter for the group - is supposed to be hard at work on the 3rd. He's having some writer's block though, and is hesitant to get help from outside songwriters because the band prides themselves on writing their own music.

The writer's block may just be a symptom of the current stresses in Hunter's life - a very public breakup with his boyfriend - who went on to post super private text messages between them on Twitter, his new fling who happens to be a member of the band that is opening for Kiss & Tell on tour, and the pressure of being a queer role model atthe age of 17. It may look like Hunter has it all, but the pressure of superstardom is weighing heavy on his shoulders.

This is such a fun and quick read. It definitely brought me back to my One Direction stanning days (which I'm not ashamed of!), and each chapter ends with short news clippings, tweets, email exchanges between the band's reps that really bring you into their world. Honestly, I found myself wishing they were real so I could know what their songs sound like. To make up for it, I guess I'll just screlt some old 1D songs in the car.

Fans of books like Darius the Great is Not Okay and Kill the Boy Band will enjoy this read - plus if you are or ever were a fan of literally any boy band - you'll love it!