Beautifully written to portray a queer icon rising up into the spotlight!

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This was my first Adib Khorram and I thought was wonderfully written. I believe that this book correctly portrays a queer ion rising up into the spotlight and the struggles they might face throughout their road to fame.

I really love the news articles that Adib added throughout the book in between chapters about the band and what the band members were doing and what the media thought about it. I have never seen that in a book before and I personally really enjoyed it.

A lot of books about queer people I have read will include the "F" word to describe gay people by a hateful antagonist and this book didn't use that word lightly. It was only used once or twice but the character describes that word and how it makes him feel and what it really means to queer people and I really enjoyed that. I agree that it is a terrible word and should not be used lightly.

I did have a few issues such as the fast romance between two of the characters, I just felt like there was no building up to it and that they could have gotten to know each other more before they decided to pursue a relationship. I also thought that the main character, Hunter, was very self-centered and one-dimensional. He didn't have much character growth and wasn't as complex as I would have liked him to be.

Overall I enjoyed this read and would recommend this book to other people.