Love it!

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Wow. The first page already had me smiling so much. There was such a positive reaction to seeing this character who is openly gay promise to give front row tickets to LGBTQ+ fans, and also donate a portion of each concerts proceeds to LGBTQ+ shelters. As someone who is apart of the community it always makes me feel so happy when I read about characters in the community and their positive actions.

The rest of the excerpt I read was so great and made me just want to continue on reading this story, despite it not being in a genre I would typically reach for. I've been trying to get into more contemporary style books and this one seems like it's the right one for me.

I really enjoy the point of view being told from Hunter and his journey in the limelight. He already seems like a great character who is going through a lot, and it really makes you wish the best for him and hope that by the end of the book he'll be happy and in a great spot.