This is a sweet and spicy read!

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The Kiss Quotient is the story of Stella Lane, a career-focused single woman who believes she sucks at relationships and sex. In an attempt to improve upon both, Stella hires Michael, an escort, to teach her the errors in her ways. 🔈Fair warning to anyone who doesn't like sex scenes in their reading, THIS BOOK IS STEAMY. 🔥
📚What I appreciated About the Book: This book is really sweet, and the characters are easy to love. I appreciated how sex-positive this book was, especially for women. It's rare that we see a woman be encouraged to learn more about her body, and what she prefers sexually. This book also does a nice job of showing how Asperger's (which Stella has) can affect one's dating life. Both Stella and Michael felt unseen, for different reasons, and I liked how the author broke this down. I appreciated that this romance centered around Asian-Americans who are strong, fully developed people who are figuring things out. ⠀⠀
What Did Not Work for Me: This book is predictable, but that didn't throw me off too much. I was not blown away by some of the writing, and found some of the descriptions to be a bit cringy. I also felt a bit weird about the way Michael (and then some of the other characters) used possessives to describe Stella ("my Stella"). But, overall, the positives outweighed these negatives for me, and I found it to be a sweet story with strong, diversified characters who discovered themselves in various ways.