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There was so much that i like about this book. First being that there is a character who is on the Autism spectrum. There aren't many books that bring light to people on the spectrum and although it doesn't show the full extent of it the author did a good job.

Another thing I really liked was that fact that the Stella works in a STEM job and she is the moneymaker while Michael and is more artistic and has a lesser paying job. It's nice to read a book where the gender stereotypes of the man being the provider and the woman being a homemaker. It's great to see how strong Stella is and how she doesn't need a man to provide for her. She is more than capable of doing that on her own.

The biggest thing for me was the Asian representation. As someone who is Asian it made me to happy to relate to Michael and his family on so many levels. I know how important family is and how we're willing to do just about anything for our parents.

Overall the story was really good and I would recommend it to anyone.