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What a cute story! I absolutely devoured this book. No joke, I finished it within a single day. At first I wasn’t sure how I was going to like it. I’ve seen this book around but never really looked into it because romance is such a secondary genre for me. But after it had been recommend several times I picked it up (without reading the description). It took me a minute before really getting into the book, but once the plot had me, I honestly couldn’t stop. In the beginning I thought this was going to be a Pretty Women type of story, but just flipped, and while I had some of those feelings throughout the book, it was entirely its own. At certain points it was so frustrating because I was just screaming, YOU LIKE EACH OTHER JUST ADMIT IT. But that was the whole point. It has the typical formula, they meet, they come up with a deal, they fall in love throughout, they don’t realize they are in love until they aren’t together because of some event, but they end up together anyways. However, it’s this type of formula which works for stories like these. Sure, it had its own flair but overall, it was the same pattern.

These characters had me so attached to hem. I absolutely loved Stella. It was so interesting to read from her point of view and I loved how smart she was. Her point of view throughout the book gave such a unique outlook that most wouldn’t ever be able to experience. And it was not so much the way it was written but how Stella herself experienced it. It didn’t feel like it was made up or forced but it made sense. This is such great writing – to truly write down what the character is going through and I could actually feel the discomfort at moments. Michael was the perfect partner for Stella… in so many ways. I loved reading about their relationship growing and even his family itself. The way he separated his life but no matter what he was always there for his family. And I loved the change of jobs. It was so interesting to me to have Michael be the designer and it fit his character so well.

Overall, The Kiss Quotient by Helen Hoang is just a delightful book. It is exactly what was needed for my semi-book slump that I finished it in one day. Fantasy can honestly take a toll sometimes and a break is needed from the genre, and this was the perfect break for it. The story was so cute and I really enjoyed everything about it. Stella was such an amazing character and I loved learning so much about her. Michael was the perfect partner for Stella and I couldn’t imagine the story going any other way. I highly recommend this book if you are in need for a wonderful romance story that honestly teaches you a lot.