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One of my all time favorites

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Back in June, I purchased this book through the Book of the Month club box. I was instantly intrigued by the synopsis and the characters sounded so original and unique. Not only was this book even better than my expectations, but it has also become one of my favorite books of the year. Helen Hoang's writing style is so charming, intelligent, and clever and her characters are so well thought out and fun to follow. I couldn't put this book down! I absolutely adore everything about this book. The autistic representation is spot on and the ethnic diversity of the characters is so freaking great.

I have been recommending this book to anyone who asks me for a romance, contemporary, or diverse reading recommendation. I think that this book has the potential to become a worldwide favorite for anyone who loves a great love story. I cannot wait to read more from Helen. I've already pre-ordered her 2019 release, The Bride Test.

I definitely recommend this book!

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