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The cover of this book is so cute, and really draws you in. I first heard about this book on TikTok, as so many people have recommended it and truly loved it.

I will say that I don’t believe that the story was necessarily for me, but I loved the important topics that were covered in the book. The main character has autism, and it is truly amazing to see how she goes about life and the different things that one normally wouldn’t think about and how they impact her everyday interactions.

I thought that the main couple together were very cute, though they got together in a way that was very unexpected to me. From the reviews I had seen, I didn’t expect there to be a male escort service, but it was a very intriguing twist to what I thought the book was initially going to be about.

This author writes in a way that had me truly empathetic for the main character, and I’m excited to see what other work she releases in the future.