It looks like such a cute and fun read!

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I have seen this book everywhere!! It has been on my TBR for the longest. It looks and sounds like such a cute rom com. The possibility of reading this book with a printed copy is so exciting. I am confident to say I would enjoy this book! The cover looks adorable. I will want to read any book that has colorful and contemporary book covers. I’ve seen reviews of this book all over tiktok. I’m very interested in reading it very soon. The characters seem fun and cute. I can’t wait to read. This would be such a fun read for summer! All rom coms get a 5/5 from me!!!!!! I’ve heard this books is all a mixture of sweet, wholesome, and full of surprises;). This book has a faking dating trope. Which is exactly what I’m looking for in a contemporary romance book. I know that when I get to reading this book I’ll finish it in one sitting. So excited for this cute romance book.