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I loved this book so much.

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his book is about this girl Stella, who has Asperger's, and hasn't really had a real relationship with a boy and so she hires this guy, Michael, who is an escort, to help her become comfortable with doing the stuff that she doesn't feel comfortable with. And of course sparks fly and they fall for each other.

I loved their relationship in this story. I loved his family, Michael's family was amazing in this story. I loved Stella and how she was as a character. I loved how she grew and how she was with Michael and his family. I loved how she was with her family, I didn't necessarily love her family that much but I loved her dynamic with them. Now this book is very steamy in some parts but I don't mind that. I enjoy a good steamy book. I love that Stella was smart, I loved that Michael's sister was smart, like I said I loved her relationship with his sister. I love that at some point she helps his sister out but she doesn't just want to give it to her, she wants her to earn it. It's just an amazing book. 5/5, would recommend.