Groundbreaking representation in romance

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This was the book that introduced me to Helen Hoang's writing and for that alone, it has a special place in my heart. Ms. Hoang is a pioneer of the autistic experience in romance and I am so thankful she took that first step.

Michael and Stella taught me that love looks different every time and that every single one of us is deserving of love, regardless of neurotype.

Representation in race and neurotype is done in this book, not as a way to check a box, but as a genuine way of showing us how diverse characters love and are loved.
Ms. Hoang's debut novel is life and love-affirming and for that alone, I consider it
The Kiss Quotient is a romance novel classic. You might think that's high praise, but I strongly believe this is the case. From the moment of its debut, until now, we are lucky to have many more examples of diverse romance, but I firmly believe Ms. Hoang helped break that barrier.

If you value diversity and representation in romance, this book can't be missing from your library.