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It's steamy, great chemistry, and I love the characters. Definitely steamy... Excited that I have The Bride Test to listen to when I'm done!⁠

Stella is a complex character with a challenge that she's ready to overcome. Enter Michael - a man with the skills Stella is looking for. What she doesn't expect is the patience that he has.

As the book moves along, you learn that Stella has autism. The book does a good job of depicting some of the feelings someone with autism might experience, for example the anxiety in a crowded bar. The reason it's written so well? The author is autistic as well!

I found the relationship between Michael and Stella endearing - he is supportive and gentle while still being a protector. He listens to her and allows her to be herself around him. No hero complex here. My heart may have melted as most women hope to find themselves someone like Michael!