A feel-good book that I really enjoyed.

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I love a great fake relationship trope.  I mean, we know how it's going to end, right they are going to realize they have actual feelings for each other and fall in love.  So if you want to a surprise ending, stay away from contemporary in general.

I loved the character of Stella, I completely related to her.  All of her insecurities about sex are the same insecurities I've had, and probably many other women as well.  Stella is incredibly smart and enjoys her job and I loved seeing how okay with Michael was with her being a smart successful woman.

Michael was wonderful of course and I loved his family dynamic, what I didn't love his father issues.  I understand that a conflict was needed, but this was a letdown.  I just didn't care that much and thought it was a lame rationale for feeling less than, especially when Stella is so amazing!