Utterly amazing

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I loved this book (and it was perfect for Pride Month), but I did have a few qualms about the plot and how some of it was a bit unbelievable. There was also a strange subplot that jarred me from the main story that I didn't quite grasp. I haven't seen Hamilton ( I KNOW! I'm sorry!!) so I didn't get many of the references.

But overall, it was a charming book that I think many people will enjoy. I loved the narration and the writing as well as the different points the characters travel to. There are some heavy-hitting themes that I wish weren't in there because the story was so awesome without them, but will hit home for a lot of people. I loved watching the boys' friendship grow and it's refreshing to see a platonic friendship like this in YA lit. Also, I love Ferris Days so much! We need more books like this

Trigger warnings for racism, alcohol, suicidal thoughts, abandonment