Sweet, nostalgic, poignant

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It has come to my attention that I am no longer a young adult. By over a decade. So I guess I cannot entirely relate to that of a young adult anymore. This does not stop me from reading young adult novels of all genres. I enjoy them.

But while reading The Kings of B'more, I found myself getting irritated by Harrison and while reading, it struck me why. I had to go back down the rabbit hole, dig deep for those high school feelings. I found them. Gah. They sucked. Hormones were high, emotions were high, feelings were FELT. I remembered the gut-wrenching feeling of loss when a friend moved away. I remembered how severe the heartbreak was. It all came back and suddenly, I knew exactly how Harrison and Linus felt about themselves, each other, their lives, the world. So so relatable, I just had to find it within me!

In high school, you think you're on top of the world. You're invincible. It's the end all be all. But high school is just a drop in the bucket of life and high schoolers will never understand it until after they graduate. They call it the real world for a reason. Harrison is devastated that his best friend, Linus, is moving far away for their senior year and possibly beyond. This is tragic to him, this was tragic to me when it happened time and again during school. I love how all-in Harrison went for Ferris Day and what blossomed out of it, nothing short of maturity. This is a very sweet, nostalgic, poignant novel.