Summer joy, with some caveats

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Ok, this book might not be 100% focused on Black joy, since the characters are dealing with a lot in their lives, not the least of which is the premise, where our main character's closest friend is about to leave him behind and move away. There are also internal family struggles, which aren't downplayed, though the most disturbing elements of the book certainly deal with anti-Black racism (there are cops and threats from cops) and a homophobia, though maybe to a lesser extent. Basically, don't go into this fully expecting a Black joy work, despite what the cover and synopsis suggest. That's not to say that there aren't joyful moments or chill summer vibes--this book certainly achieves that too, but it doesn't eschew more disturbing encounters that the main pair of queer friends experience as they go through Baltimore throughout one epic day. I did love that both boys were queer, but that it wasn't a traditional romance book at all. The focus on friendship was pretty awesome.