Pop culture coming of age

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First off, the cover is so colorful and immediately attention grabbing. Then the blurb references Ferris Bueller's Day Off...and folks you have my full attention. Upon scratching the surface Kings of B'More is packed full of pop culture tidbits and references including Titanic, Black Panther, and The Sound of Music. No matter what your life story is and where you are from these little ties to pop culture feel lien they show us that we are all a little more closely related than we may think. Kings of B'More is a coming of age story that follows two best friends, Harrison and Linus. When Linus breaks the news to Harrison that he and his family are moving out of state in only a few days Harrison is devastated. Devastated but determined. Determined to make the best of their last few days together. They will let go of anything that's holding them back and focus on their own happiness. This book is fun! Friendship. Love. & perfect with Pride month beginning in a couple days. 4 stars.