One of a kind

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“You got a real star-crossed friendship here, Linus.”

This is a one of a kind book that apologizes for absolutely nothing and I loved it. It’s about two queer black teenagers who are best friends, and it celebrates that friendship so beautifully. It’s also the kind of book I tabbed a lot because the writing was charming and excellent.

I love Linus and Harrison’s friendship so much! They way they play off each other and joke around but are able to be heartfelt with each other too is perfect. I do think that their voices blend and get confused at times, even when you’re mid-way through the book and get to know them better. But it’s a bit more true to life, in my opinion. Best friends are usually best friends because they're similar, and sometimes when you really like someone you start to take on their manner of speech and such.

The plot is fun; a little slow but I enjoyed my time with it. One thing I'm not sure how to feel about is the fact that this book is purposefully set in a “post-pandemic” world. I feel like the book would’ve been the same without it, but on the other hand the inclusions makes it a thing of the past and that’s hopeful.