Kings of B'More Book Review

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I was given an Advanced Reader Copy of this book and am providing my honest review.
Linus and Harrison are the best of friends. A pair of 16-year-old African American boys doing what boys do best while trying to plan for their future in college. Linus drops a bomb on Harrison that he will be moving away, far away, and the move is only a few days away. Harrison doesn’t want to say goodbye to his best friend, but he knows he doesn’t have a choice. He plans a day filled with adventures to show Linus just how much their friendship means to him.
Kings of B’More written by R. Eric Thomas hit home in many ways for me. Published just in time for summer and right before the beginning of Pride Month. The friendships in this story are pure and innocent. While reading the book I was fairly certain there would be a romantic relationship that surfaced between Harrison and Linus. I loved that their relationship remained only a friendship, but a fierce one at that. Being a teenager in today’s society comes with many hardships. Being male, African American, and gay can make that even more difficult.
I recommend this book to anyone, young adult or adult, looking for a heartfelt pick-me-up about friendships, having fun, and enjoying your life to the fullest. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to read this book. I look forward to reading more books written by R. Eric Thomas in the near future.
Favorite Quote: “We keep you so close because we don’t want the worst of the world to get you. But in so doing, we may have been keeping some of the best of the world from you, too.