Kings of B’More

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Trigger Warnings: Cemetery, anxiety, mention of the pandemic, divorce, parental abandonment, moving, racism, lying

Representation: Black, Gay, Lesbian, They/them pronouns

Kings of B’More is a contemporary YA story of two high school aged, Black, queer boys on their last day together. When Linus breaks bad news to Harrison, he takes it upon himself to build a perfect day exploring the city with his best friend.

While reading this book, I realized that I don’t actually like narrators. It is not specific to this story but I had much rather have a character POV/multiple POVs. Otherwise, I enjoyed this story very much. I loved the adventure and excitement of their trip. I loved the inclusion of Pride and the thrift store sounded so fun!

As a white person, it is not my place to critique but I do wish this story had more Black joy. I think fictional realism is a perfect description for the story because of trauma included.