Have a Ferris Day!

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If they make a movie of this book, and I think they should, it should be a comedy like 16 Candles or Ferris Bueller's Day Off, a movie prominently mentioned in the story.
We have here the story of two 16 year old Black boys who have been besties for much of their lives. They plan to finish high school, (they go to different schools) hang together over the summers and go to the same college. All of a sudden, after work on a Thursday, Linus tells Harrison his father is moving him to South Carolina on the next Sunday. Harrison fears this will mean Linus will vanish from his life and he will be alone. Later that night, during a family movie night, Harrison's father picks the Bueller movie, which Harrison has never seen. This gives Harrison the idea to give Linus a "Ferris day", so Linus will never forget him.
This being a contemporary story, both sets of parents use a phone app, called Check In, to keep track of their sons' location. Rules for the behavior of 10 year old boys can be very stifling for a 16 year old. In his planning for their Ferris day, Harrison needs to have their phones stay st and move to the places they told their parents they would be. What could go wrong.
Nothing goes as Harrison planned. Everything went right anyway. It is a charming, and in places, a very funny story.
I received the copy of the book I read for this review from BookishFirst.