Coming of age

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Kings of B'More is a fun, coming of age story about two Black gay boys trying to find their way in the world.

When Linus announces to Harrison that he is moving out of state, Harrison decides to organize an epic last day, a la Ferris Bueller's Day Off. While Harrison has a fool proof plan, things still go wrong, but in a good way.

I love the colorful cast of characters. Each is special and lovable in their own way. They are a group that would be super fun to hang out with.

Linus and Harrison's friendship is special and the whole time I found myself cheering for them and hoping that Linus's upcoming move was a bad joke played by his father. They love they have for each other is undeniable and pure. If only every friendship was as real as theirs, the world would be a much better place.

While this is the first book I read by R. Eric Thomas, I will definitely be checking out his others.