A joyful and triumphant story of friendship

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It is the end of sophomore year for best friends Harrison and Linus, two Black queer boys who live in Baltimore. Harrison is grateful that he will face the last two years of high school, and all the change that will come, with Linus by his side. Then Linus drops the news that he's moving to South Carolina in a few days, not by his own choice. Harrison is devastated but wants to give Linus a memorable send off. Inspired by the movie Ferris Bueller's Day Off, and with the help of his friend Aparna, his high school's stage manager, he devises one last great day of fun for Linus. Of course, very little goes as planned.
The Kings of B'More is, at its heart, a joyful and triumphant story of friendship. It is a real and relatable story of two friends who don't want to say goodbye, and their relationships with their families, friends and community. The characters of Harrison and Linus are well-developed, and Thomas' writing is insightful, relevant and humorous. It is a beautiful and emotional story. It's refreshing to find a YA novel which focuses primarily on friendship rather than on romance.