A Fantastic Story of Friendship and Summer

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Kings of B'More is on track to be one of my favorite books of summer, if not the year. This was a fantastic story of the love between best friends who go to extraordinary measures to make sure they will stay close even when distance separates them. Harrison's inner monologue is truly delightful, and I found myself giggling basically every time he had a thought. I of course loved the lengths he went to to show Linus how much he cared about him, even if Linus was somewhat resistant. And as much as I enjoyed the deep bonds of Linus and Harrison, I may have loved the supporting cast of characters even more! Linus and Harrison attend different schools, and as a result each have a separate "school" friend group; throughout the course of the "Ferris Day" Harrison plans for Linus (a day of trying new things without their parents knowing in the vein of Ferris Bueller's Day Off), we get to meet most of these school friends, and each encounter is more delightful than the last. Fab and Phil have banter down to an art, Aparna is a master organizer, and Harrison's sister, Corinne, deserved even more page time in my opinion. Truly a wonderful story from start to finish-from the cemetery to the pool to the Smithsonian, this is an excellent friendship story set against the backdrop of a few summer days.