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Very underdeveloped novel

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I saw some reviews saying that the first half of this book is very slow but the second is amazing, so I went in prepared for that but there I was 80% into the story and still nothing interesting has happened. Unfortunately, I spent all these hours reading 600 pages of a very mediocre fantasy novel that never managed to grab my attention.

I read a lot of fantasy and it's usually easy for me to suspend my disbelief and get invested in a fictional world when the world-building is done right. Here there was a lot of information thrown in but it never brought the world to life. Every time it mentioned vodka, I had to think that Russia or Poland (whichever you think created the drink) exists in this fantasy realm. Sometimes I would encounter some newer words which were only created in the 20th century and be thrown out of the story again. I just couldn't ever grasp what it wanted to be.

One of the easiest way to make me not like a book is to make me hate the protagonist. This novel is told in first-person point of view and being inside the mind of an arrogant, judgmental, irrational, whiny, and incompetent boy was insufferable. He never stuck to the simplest plan and was constantly saved by others. He kept shouting about his family's legacy but didn't really do anything himself, except from judging others and being rude. Other characters weren't better in any way, most of them behaved in strange ways while others were cartoonish villains with cheesy lines.

Thank you to Netgalley and Saga Press for my early review copy.