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This book is written in some sort of unholy combination of purple prose and horrible flat Hemingway-influrenced American Book writing. To wit:

"Fools who had flown too high and had not yet been shot down by the moon."


"'I want a more adventurous future than breeding horses!'"


"Their infamous Celona defense system...."


"The Kingman family did not die with whimpers."


"All I knew for certain was the title he carried: traitor."

I find all of this just instantly pretty unbearable. It's so off-putting and inept and the opposite of good style. This strikes me as the sort of hoked-up fantasy or sci-fi that is usually self-published.

I'm going to read a fun book about a cat that is actually an alien. It's written (supposedly) for kids, and is clearly better written, and witty. I think this Nick Martell book really shouldn't be read by anyone other than, perhaps, some 12-year-old fanboy who plays Dungeons and Dragons.

There are almost 600 pages of this codswallop.